Software as a Service

RedTitan transform applications are based on Microsoft Windows. These applications are also available to users with Internet access from Windows or mobile platforms using the Cloud Connect to RedTitan Virtual Machine hosted on Microsoft Azure.


Microsoft AZURE provides a VM running Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter running on an AMD Opteron Processor 4171 HE with 3.5 Gb of memory.

RedTitan runs IIS (hosting and nQ (hosting on this VM.

The CC2 service uses files(blobs) hosted on a storage account called "cc2". These files may be visible to a program (on Windows or mobile devices) with access to the Internet. In some cases these file may be visible in a web browser.

The storage account is organised as a number of "containers". A container that is marked as private, may only be accessed using a key (password). The RedTitan CC2 service issues two keys with a finite expiry period. The all access key may list, read, write and delete files. The second key provides "read only" access. Azure describes these keys as "Shared Access Signatures."

Client side CC2 cloud file management is done using the utility CC2. Access to RedTitan software products is done by submitting a manifest of the job requirements (job ticket) to the nQ service. Processing the job is asynchronous, nQ collects all the files that are required to complete the job on the VM and issues a command line request to the application. At present (july 2014) the application elapsed run time is limited to 60 seconds. Files created by the execution process are collected and returned to the cloud storage account.

This is a subscription only service. Contact for more information.